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Terraristik ist mehr als nur ein Hobby

Welcome to my snake keeping and breeding project

I love, keep und breed pure blood snakes of a few species, especially boa constrictors. As i start my breeding career many years ago, my collection of subspecies of pure blood boa constrictors had grown. Today my favorites are Boa constrictor constrictor from different locality and other subspecies like Amarali, Occidentalis (argentin Boas) and a few species of python like Python Molurus Molurus (Pimbura , Sri Lanka locality). 

I only breed pure localitys from proofen lines or trustest sources, or wild-caught-sources, strictly in line. For me it's the highest standard for conserve these fascinating reptiles in the hand of human. 

Some subspecies and localitys are reely difficult to breed. You need time, patience, some knowlege of the habitat and luck. Sometimes it is an art, but it makes this hobby a challange. 

I have a german Youtube channel, a community on Facebook and Instagram, write some articels and a blog (a book will published next year i hope - perhaps in english) and take care of my network of keepers and breeders in europe. The most of them are in germany, austria, switerland and neatherland, that's why the page is mainly in german. 

Here i will give you an overview of the different subspecies and localitys. Some of them are only represent in europe. And of course i will present you, what's going on with my own breeding project.

In europe are some thing a bit diffenrent in law and practice of breeding, so i will give an inside of the snake community from this side. For example pure breeders in europe don't cross lines without any problems in inbreeding or any sign of degeneration. 

So i hope you enjoy it. Have a good time.

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