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Python molurus molurus / Python molurus Pimbura

Sysnonym: Python molurus, dwarf burmese python, Sri Lanka Python, Pimbura, Cylon Python
Origin: Sri Lanka island
Size: small for a Burmese Python (less then 10 ft)
Male: up to 6.5 ft
Female: up to 10 ft
Difficulty level:  * * * ° ° °
(not so easy as Bivittatus, they need seasons)
Known variants: archetyp
Peacefulness: * * ° ° ° °
(Pimburas have a lot more temperament then Bivittatus, but taming is possible)
Protection status:  Appendices I
Significantly: They are true dwarf Burmese Pythons with around the half of the size of typically Burmese Pythons. The true Pimbura only exists in Sri Lanka.