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Boa constrictor constrictor Suriname/ Redtail Boa

Sysnonym: Suriname Boa, Redtail Boa 
Origin: Suriname
Size: big (some Surinames can reach over 10 ft)
Male: 4.6 ft to 6.6 ft
Female: 5.24 ft to 9.84 (execptions 10.5 ft)
Difficulty level: * *  * * * ° / * * ° ° ° °
(there is a lot of difference in the line's, some are very difficult and vomete quickly, and some are very robust and even a beginner get no problems)
Known variants: wild archetype, black, high red, and a lot more
Peacefulness: * * * * * °
(very peaceful)
Protection status:  Appendices II
Significantly: This is the most frequently kept Boa constrictor constrictor in human hand, with a lot of variation in color. The red tail gives it it's tivial name, but there are not the only one with extreamly red tails.

Suriname Boas have a extreamly varity, some are perfectly clear, other have remarkabel stripes in it's stains, some are very dark, almost black in color and others are more brown red or red, but all of them have a red tail. The heads are often long and slim. 

Redtail Boas from Suriname were imported since decades, so there are a lot of variation. Some of them grow to almost 10 ft, but the avarage size should be abround 7 to 8 ft. 

Wild caught Surinames are availible until this time, but not easy to keep an breed, thats defendly not for beginners, even F1 (first generation from this wild caught Suriname Boas) are more expensive. Cb (captive born) Boas are more health and stabile and they have a better chance to get a good realtion to them, because the babys know human from day there are born.

Cb's are even more conditioned in the climate in human hand and so there are not so subsceptible for illness. 

Suriname was a former colonie of neatherlands with a lot of wilderness and rainforests.