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Boa constrictor constrictor Trinidad/ Trinidad Redtail Boa

Sysnonym: Trinidad Redtail Boa, Macajuel, Jumbo Jocko
Origin: Trinidad, Tabago
Size: big to very big (some experts are on the opinion, that Trinidad Boas are the biggest of all, up to 12 ft)
Male: up to 7.3 ft
Female: 7.8 ft to 11 ft (extreme case 12 ft)
Difficulty level: * *  * *  * * / * * ° ° ° °
(for keeping there are perfectly easy and even for beginners a good option, but breeding them is very very difficult if they are pure)
Known variants: archetyp
Peacefulness: * * * * * *
(extremly friendly and peaceful)
Protection status: Appendices II
Significantly: Pure Trinidads are the rarest of all Boa constrictors, even more rare then St. Lucia and Dominica Boas. In europe there were just 7 snakes
importet and of that there sill live one very old courpel. Breeding them was successful in 4 known cases with 8 to 15 Babys.