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Boa constrictor constrictor Peru/ Peruvian Redtail Boa

Sysnonym: Peruvian redtail Boa, Iquitos Boa, Peru Boa
Origin: Peru, Iquitos
Size: big to very big (peruvians belongs to the biggest Boa constrictors with up to 12 ft)
Male: 5.9 ft to 7.3 ft
Female: 7.8 ft to 10,5 ft (extreme case 12 ft)
Difficulty level: * *  * °  ° °
(for committed beginners, babys have in the first days sometime problems with vomateing, but an adult or semi adult snake make no problems and have
a robust nature)
Known variants: Iquitos, Pucallpa
Peacefulness: * * * * * °
(babys are sometimes nervous, but the most of them are peaceful)
Protection status:  Appendices II
Significantly: Peruvians can grow very big and are often extremly colorful in yellow.