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Boa constrictor Sabogae / Panama Boa

Sysnonym: Pearl island Boa, Panama Boa, Sabogae, Sabogae Boa
Origin: Panama, pearl islands
Size: small (up to 5.3 ft)
Male: up to 4.6 ft
Female: up to 5.2 ft
Difficulty level:  * * * * * *
(no problems with vomateing or any thing else, perfect for beginners)
Known variants: archetyp
Peacefulness: * * * * * °
(Babys are sometimes nervous, but just in the first days)
Protection status:  Appendices II
Significantly: Pearl island Boas are a own subspecies of Boa Constrictor and so they are a true island constrictor. They have a natural hypo melanistic color and
a very slim body with remakable long heads.